Does Airplane Mode Increase Your Phone’s Performance? (Solved!)

We all want our phones to feel smoother and work faster. None of us want a laggy phone.

In this article, we will discuss whether your phone’s airplane mode can make the phone faster. We also explain how airplane mode can affect your online mobile gaming.

Does airplane mode increase your phone’s performance?

Airplane mode can increase the perceived performance of your smartphone. In airplane mode, most apps won’t update, download data or communicate with remote servers.

The cellular modem of your smartphone is also turned off in airplane mode, reducing the processing required.

As a result, airplane mode can reduce the total processing load on your phone’s processor, making it feel faster.

Does airplane mode help with mobile gaming?

Airplane mode can increase your phone’s gaming performance. In airplane mode, there are fewer background activities in applications.

Apps won’t download updates or communicate with remote servers in airplane mode, reducing the total processing used for background activities. Therefore, in airplane mode, games will have more CPU and GPU resources, making your games run smoother.

Airplane mode can also reduce ping spikes in multiplayer mobile games. When you activate airplane mode and connect to the internet using Wi-Fi, there will only be minimal background downloads and app updates, reducing the total bandwidth consumption.

As a result, your multiplayer games will have more bandwidth and will have lower latency, reducing ping spikes.

Does airplane mode increase your Wi-Fi Internet Speed?

Airplane mode can increase your phone’s Wi-Fi internet speed slightly.

Most apps won’t refresh in the background in airplane mode. Apps won’t download updates in the background and also won’t communicate with remote servers in airplane mode.

As a result, your phone will have more Wi-Fi bandwidth available for your downloads, and you will feel your Wi-Fi is faster than before.

Does airplane mode improve your phone’s battery life?

Airplane mode can save your phone’s battery power. Your phone turns off its cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth modems in airplane mode, lowering the total battery drain.

Most apps will also stop background activities like app updates and server messaging in airplane mode, lowering the total battery consumption.


Airplane mode can make your phone perform slightly faster. Apps installed on your phone will not perform background activities and downloads in airplane mode. So your phone will have a lower CPU load in airplane mode, making it feel faster.

Airplane mode can also make your online mobile gaming feel smoother. Your mobile games will suffer fewer ping spikes and have lower latencies in airplane mode with Wi-Fi enabled.


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