Does Playing Games Damage Phone Battery? (Explained!)

Mobile gaming is becoming popular, and most computer games now have mobile versions.

However, some users worry about whether mobile games will degrade their phones’ batteries faster.

In this article, we’ll look at whether playing games can damage your phone’s battery.

Here’s Whether Playing Games Damage A Phone Battery

Playing demanding games for long hours can overheat a phone and lower its battery lifespan. Mobile games also drain a phone’s battery faster, requiring frequent recharging, which reduces the battery lifespan.

Does Playing Games Damage Your Phone’s Battery?

Mobile games won’t directly damage your phone’s battery, but they can reduce the battery lifespan if you play them for long hours.

Your phone’s CPU and GPU work faster and generate more heat when you play demanding games, and too much heat can lower your phone’s battery lifespan.

Games also drain the battery faster, requiring you to recharge the phone frequently. Because batteries degrade with each charge cycle, frequent recharging reduces your phone’s battery lifespan.

How To Keep Your Phone’s Battery Healthy While Gaming

Don’t play games while charging. It can overheat your phone and reduce the battery lifespan.

Also, don’t play games on your phone for long hours, and stop playing when the phone starts to heat up.

You can also lower the graphics settings of demanding games to prevent overheating.

When you charge your phone, do not charge it up to 100% every time. Lithium-ion batteries get stressed when fully charged, so it’s better to stop charging at around 80% if possible.

Also, don’t let your phone completely discharge to a 0% battery level. Complete discharge can also stress lithium-ion batteries and lower their lifespan, so charge your phone when the battery level drops below 20%.

You can also use a phone cooler while gaming to keep the temperature down.

Can You Replace Your Phone’s Battery?

Both iPhones and Android phones allow battery replacement, but you can’t do it yourself if you don’t have the required tools and expertise. Doing it yourself might also void the warranty.

Therefore, you need to send an iPhone to an Apple service center and an Android phone to its manufacturer’s service center for a battery replacement.

Final Thoughts

Playing games won’t directly damage your phone’s battery, but if you play demanding games for long hours, it can overheat the phone and reduce the battery lifespan.

To avoid overheating, don’t play games while charging, and stop playing when the phone starts to heat up. You can also use a phone cooler while gaming.

You can replace your phone’s battery by sending it to the official repair service, so don’t worry too much about battery damage from gaming.


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